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Heysham Village websites:
- Heysham Village. The web site of the village of Heysham, Lancashire, which includes an excellent history of the area.
- Heysham Parish. History of the churches of St. Peter & St. Paul, Heysham.
- The County of Lancashire. This web site provides an extensive history of Lancashire and northern England.
- Heysham Online. A Tourism and Business guide to the village of Heysham.
- John Burke's Heysham. More photographs of Heysham's Medieval Church.
- St. Peters. A little more on the church of St. Peters, its architecture and history.
- Genuki Heysham. A genealogy site dedicated to the UK and Ireland.
- Heysham Heritage Center.
- Heraldry in Lancaster Castle.
Other Towns:
- Bec De Mortagne
- Fécamp
- Fécamp City Council
Heraldry Sites:
- The Manual of Heraldry
- Heraldry Glossary
Websites of the Heysham and Hissem family:
- Price-Heysham-Stone Family
- Hissem-Jarrell Home Page
- Hissem-Steiner Family of PA
- Collins Family. The Collins Family website, an English family, descendents of Emmeline Heysham out of India.
- Hissem Message Board. The Ancestry Message Board for [Hissem].
- USS Hissem DE/DER-400 websites. A page of links to the U.S. Navy destroyer, USS HISSEM.
- DANFS. The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS) citation for the USS HISSEM.
- George Lissant. An early Heysham genealogy constructed by George Lissant, a friend of the Anglo-Indiam Heysham family.
Websites of the Gernet/Garnet Family:
- Family of Father Henry Garnet
- Garnett Family
- Garnetts of Elmwood
- The Home Page of John Ward. Select the Surname link for over 600 Garnett citations.
- The Early History of the Quernmore Area. Some excellent data on forest management by the Gernet family.
Websites of Miscellaneous Family's:
- Genealogy of Homer Beers James. A great site that also features the minor nobility.
- The Counts of Chateaudun. An excellent site for medieval French history.
Websites of the Medieval Montgomery Family:
- The Conqueror and His Companions.. By J.R. Planche, Somerset Herald, London, Tinsley Brothers, 1874. See The Conqueror and His Companions. for the entire book.
- Montgomerie Family. This listing includes a proposed lineage from Rollo, the founder of Normandy.
- Earl Roger De Montgomery Shrewsbury..
- Medieval English families on the internet. An excellent site for all the more famous families on this page..
Websites of the Belleme Family:
- Yves de Bellême
Websites of the Medieval de Lacey Family:
- Lacy Family & Lacy Genealogist Homepages. By Steve Lacy.
- The Conqueror and His Companions. The story of Walter and Ilbert de Lacy.
- Lords of the Honor of Clitheroe, the DeLacys.
- Lacy Line.
Websites of the Lancaster Family:
- Some Remarks . . .. The site of Andrew Lancaster.
Websites of the de Lucy Family:
- Lucy.
Websites of the Mowbray Family:

- Mowbray Family History.
- Mowbray Line.
- Mowbray Genealogy.
Websites of the Dacre Family:
- Dacre. Families covered: Dacre of Dacre, Dacre of Gillesland, Dacre of Multon.
- Dacre Family. The Dacre section of the Elizabethan Peerage page. It also includes the Dacre's of the south [Fiennes], the Viscount Montague [Browne], Arundel [Fitzalan], and Mounteagle [Stanley] which are mentioned in this site.
Websites of the Montague Family:
- Montague Millenium. An American website that is attempting to capture all members of the Montague family.
- Montague.
Websites of the Wells Family:
- The Wells Family Research Association.
Websites of the Sayre Family:
- The Genealogy of Walter Gilbert. Contains an excellent account of the family of Thomas Sayre.
Websites of the Gibbon Family:
Websites of the Offerman / Dengler / Six Family's:
- John Conrad Six, Sr..
- Descendants of John Conrad Six.
- Rootdigger. This is an excellent site for genealogy in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
- Scott County, Iowa. This is a US GenWeb project site. Extensive historical information.
- Karyn Crouse. A new site for the Dengler family.
Websites of the Swartwout / Brink Family's:
- Swarthout Family . Also the Swartwout, Swartout and Swartwood and even Blackwood family's.
- Lineage of the Brink Family . From Olde Ulster Magazine.
History Sites:
- FranceBalade
- Francia, 447-Present
- The Making of the Duchy of Normandy
- Bayeux tapestry
- William's Battle Force
- Battle Abbey Roll
- Dives Roll
- The Conqueror and His Companions, by J.R. Planché
- Shropshire and the Domesday Book
- "Narrative History of England" by Peter N. Williams, Ph.D.
- "History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy " provided by the students of Courtney Phillips at the George Washington Carver school
Online Manuscripts:
- The Historic County of Burlington, New Jersey.
- Burlington Township, New Jersey History.
- The Old Mill Hill Society, an historical society of Trenton, New Jersey.
- A History of Trenton.
- Watson's Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.
- History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
- Davis's 1877 History of Northampton county, Pennsylvania.
- Davis's 1877 History of Bucks county, Pennsylvania.
- The History of Wyoming, In a Series of Letters, from Charles Miner, to his son William Penn Miner, Esq..
- American Revolution.Org. A number of books and essays about the American Revolution, including "Relic of the Revolution," about the Old Mill Prison of Plymouth, England.
- South Jersey Heritage: A Social, Economic and Cultural History, by R. Craig Koedel. The history of South Jersey and the settlement of the Delaware river basin.
- Lossing. Three books by the author, "The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution," "The Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812," and "The Hudson, from the Wilderness to the Sea."
- The Golden Falcon, by Wendy Florence Winter Garcia. This is a wonderful book about the Winter family, filled with historical notes of great interest.
- Making of America, a searchable database of online books.
- Project Gutenbuerg.
- The Online Books Page. The University of Pennsylvania site.
- The Penn State Digital Bookshelf.
- The Princeton Public Library. Includes a list of links to other digital libraries.
- Questia. An excellent source. Requires a subscription.
- Footnote. An excellent source for Revolutionary and Civil War records. Requires a subscription.
- History of the United Kingdom. Primary documents.
- Pennsylvania State Archives. Excellent source for military service.
- The Library of Virginia. Virginia State archives with some online material.
- British Archives. A searchable database.
- Lancashire Record Office. A searchable database.
- Proceedings of the Old Bailey. A searchable database.
- Documents Online. A British source.
- British India Family History.
- Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.
- Pennsylvania Archives Search.
- British History Online. A searchable database.
- Calendar of Patent Rolls. A University of Iowa site.
- The Library of Congress. The American Memory Collection.
- Find-A-Grave. A listing of non-famous graves and tombstone photographs.
- USGenWeb Archives Pennsylvania.
- Babylon Latin Dictionary
- Latin Dictionary
- Latin Word List
- Latin Dictionary
- Latin Dictionary
- French Dictionary
- French Dictionary
- German Dictionary
Genealogy Sites:
- Ancestry.com.
- WorldConnect Project.
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